The Story

Amber and her husband bought the Plaza Azteca in Leesburg, Virginia shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic turned the food & beverage industry upside down.

Chicken as Cluck SF Zira

Amber and team were able to keep the business operating profitably despite the shifting demand to pickup and delivery, but a new problem arose that the young restauranteurs didn’t expect.

With the changing landscape employee hours diminished and the schedules needed to be constantly reworked. Employees found additional hours with other local companies which meant balancing the demands and needs of the business, and the employees with respect to changing demands.

Amber spent an average of 4 hours a week creating the schedule and additional time tracking time-off requests and and time cards.

The Challenge

Flexible Schedules: A few members of the Chicken as Cluck team only spoke spanish and others still used flip phones, so Bua wanted to make sure whatever she chose was easy to use.

Taking Flight with Zira

Amber was able to take the 4 hours spent scheduling from 4 hours to 15 mins.

Her plan was to tell the team about the new Zira system at some point during the week and transition over to Zira after the week was over.

However, when her employees got to the store before her, they saw their shifts and profiles automatically popping up on the Zira Portal and started clocking in on Zira right away.

As Bua describes it, “Clocking in in Zira with Face ID Verification was so easy that the entire team started only clocking in on Zira without even being told about the new system”.

“I love telling this story because this is a great example of how easy to use Zira products are, and when something is that easy to use, it no longer becomes work, it no longer becomes a chore that you need to be told to do, it becomes second nature and easily integrates into your workday. No hassle. No-Fuss”, said Rohan Saini (Zira Founding Engineer).

Perfect Attendance meant Perfect Forecasting

With the Zira Portal running the show something amazing happened. Attendance neared perfection with show rates of 100% and on-time rates of nearly 95%.

This meant that the schedules she was creating were being executed flawlessly. The ultimate outcome was labor cost forecasting within a fraction of a percent. In an average week, Bua and her growing team see labor cost less than 0.15% off when compared to projected totals.

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