The end of scheduling

You hate scheduling. So stop doing it. Let Zira handle the stress of scheduling week after week.

zira product scheduling
Give your employees a voice

Shifts your
employees want

Your employees tell us their dream schedule, and Zira delivers. All while lowering your labor costs low.

  • Real-time syncing of employee preference and availability.
  • Better schedule incentives improve performance
  • Time offs, Min and Max daily, weekly hours for employees.
  • Show rate and on time incentives and reminders.


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Automatic Schedule Optimization

Tell Zira what matters to you, then sit back and relax

Don’t settle for the minimum requirements. Zira can optimize schedules for compliance, cost, custom rules, and more to make sure you get what you need.

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TImeline Mode

Our schedules go beyond planning

The Zira Portal time clock integrates seamlessly with the Zira Platform, allowing your team to see scheduled tasks throughout the day.

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Built-in Compliance

Did we just end compliance too?

Getting audited sucks. Save yourself the stress and the risk of large audit fines by letting Zira make sure your breaks, overtime, and scheduling compliance is handled from day one.

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Real-Time Corrections

Last min shift
changes? Zira takes
care of that too!

You might not think it’s possible, but Zira can automate 90% of the busy work and free you and your managers up to creatively grow the business.

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Integrate with any payroll system

Zira handles your day to day planning and execution, and we happily work with a number of payroll and accounting platforms to make sure your data is where you need it.

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