Time clock of the future

How can a time clock improve your day? You’d be surprised.

Group 457

Easy, Safe, and Secure Verification

Instant Face ID Verification makes clocking in a breeze. No more forgotten pins or missed clock outs.


Group 455

A Time Clock that Manages itself

Because Zira Portal understands the full schedule for your team, it provides a full timeline of all actions throughout the day. Your team members will never miss a break or forget to clock out again.


Group 458

Employees on the
go? We’ve got it covered.

Our flexible platform allows employees to use the Zira Employee app to verify themselves and clock in as well.  Easily set up time restrictions and geo-fences to verify that all time stamps are accurate.


Group 475

Activate Automations

Use the Zira Portal time clock events to trigger automation and notify managers or employees exactly when needed.


Group 473

As a manager, you always have the control.

Adjust auto scheduler logic and see the results of your experiment. Improve everyday to leave legacy players in your industry behind you.


Group 459