Automate Anything.

Tired of finding replacements for no-shows or adding notes to employee files? We thought so. So we made the first-ever Automation Platform for your workforce.

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Fully-Customizable Automations

Bring your company policies to life

If you can think it, Zira can do it. Create notifications when you need to be in the know. Find replacements, or update shifts when something changes in real-time. Automate all the redundant tasks in your day so you can focus on growing your team, and your business.



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Automation Libraries

From Onboarding to Incentives, Zira is Ready to Fly.

Zira’s Automation platform has you covered with robust automation libraries to get you started. Activate the most popular automations, proven to work in your industry, or tweak them till you get things just the way you want them.



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Find Ways to Better Motivate your Team

Zira’s automation platform includes incentive reward programs that allow you to immediately created and communicate goals for your team.


Create Incentives around the metrics that matter most to you and watch your business improve overnight.



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Track & Learn, To Improve Everyday

Zira’s integrated trends and analytics help you figure out what’s working and where you may need to experiment a bit more.



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