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Biometric time and attendance

Safe, secure and accurate time tracking for your employees

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Improve your employee productivity

Your employees tell us their dream schedule, and Zira delivers. All while lowering your labor costs low.

  • Real-time syncing of employee preference and availability.
  • Better schedule incentives improve performance
  • Time offs, Min and Max daily, weekly hours for employees.
  • Show rate and on time incentives and reminders.
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Get a 360 degree view of your workforce

Activate automations from our library or create your own. You can now analyze what is working and what isn’t all from Zira’s trends dashboard.

In Zira you can create as many locations or sub-orgs as you need. You can even zoom out to see all your teams in one view.

Zira helps you plan, and execute. With the Zira Portal you can see your plan come to life and visual reminders and notifications make sure everything happens as you planned it!

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Continue working with the tools you already use

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Customer Success

“Our employee retention is up 64% since moving to Zira”

Sahil Patel | Owner, Metro Factory

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Automate proven manufacturing workforce strategies

Join the growing ranks of factories outperforming their expectations.

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