Unlock your firm’s efficiency

Organize your legal project management, with completely customizable workspaces and automationed workflows.


Smarter. Simpler.

Zira’s TeamBridge platform help law firms automate repetitive admin tasks empowering every member of your team to improve your bottom line.

Automation First
Proven ROI
Customizable Integrations
Deploy Anywhere
Powerful Automation

ROI Through Automation

Stop manually inputing your task, client and matter meta data into your time tracking tools. Create powerful automations to do it for you everytime.

Composable Workspaces

Fully Customizable

Add anything (clients, matters, tasks) with a few simple clicks and automatically sync data across your systems to save you countless headaches.

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Customizable Goals and Metrics

Drive Results

Track time saved and other key metric goals to give your partners a clear picture of your quarterly improvements.

Automations Build for Law Firms

The Perfect Workflow Does Exist

Leverage our partnership model to build a tool fully tailored worklows and achieve your goals with customizable integrations.


Upgrade to TeamBridge

  • For Lawyers

    See your team completing work in real-time and delegate with ease.

  • For Clerks

    Easily view your prioritized task list, make updates and watch the automations streamline your day.

  • For Partners

    See how automations are saving time, or set goals for the overall firm to align your entire team instantly.

Calendar Views

Sorted and Filtered List Views

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