Lisa from Steadfast was on the verge of a massive opportunity. Her company was poised to grow fast with the high demand for nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. However her internal team needed a better way to manage requests and communicate with their staff .

Under their current process the Steadfast team of 8 admins spent more than 8 hours a day managing and approving requests. It started with email requests from hundreds of facilities each day. The staff then those requests converted into text messages they manually sent to their network of CNAs and LPNs to see who might be interested. Finally her staff could then read and reply to each request one by one in an attempt to place the nurse in the shift before a competing agency fulfilled the request.

If that wasn’t enough, the Steadfast crew then communicated the desired placement to the facility for confirmation.

The burden of this manual process meant that her staff and Lisa herself were underwater. The opportunity to grow was there but the process was holding them back.

Then Lisa found TeamBridge by Zira! Lisa set up an innovative permission structure giving her Facilities direct access to their schedules and the ability to publish their own needs directly to the staff labor pool.