The Story

Swan Factory is a pioneer in producing world-class organic soaps and shampoos. Sahil wanted an end-to-end workforce management solution he could trust to run itself.

Swan factory, a high-tech consumer products factory, wanted to be a pioneer in efficiency and workforce management. Right from the onset, Swan had a goal to keep members healthy and happy. Sahil, Global Head of Operations, put his focus on the employee experience in hopes of keeping his 1,200 employees engaged and informed. Ultimately, Zira was the right solution for Sahil, Swan Factory, and its employees.

The Challenge

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to do more with less overhead. Scheduling, and communication were top of mind” said Sahil Patel, Global Head of Operations at Swan. “Our managers spend the morning tracking down late or absent employees, then they spend the afternoons making sure everyone follows the correct break and compliance schedules” he added.

Taking flight with Zira

At Zira, we share Swan’s mission and the belief that by reducing stresses and improving employee lives, you ultimately improve business outcomes.

The Swan team quickly began to automate more and more of their administrative tasks. Scheduling, employee onboarding, time and attendance, and payroll calculation were no longer manual activities.

Group 471
Zira Automations at the Swan Factory

The Result

Schedule efficiency (the percentage of scheduled hours that match employee preference) increased by nearly 4x. This increase from 17% to over 80% correlated with a massive jump inefficiency at the factory and a reduction in employee turnover.

With the reduced costs associated with such turnover (e.g. hiring, onboarding, training time), Sahil and the Swan Factory team were able to reinvest in factory operations and increase output to meet the demand of their clients.

Group 472
Swan employees entered their time preferences into their Zira Mobile Apps, and Zira’s AI scheduler delivered the schedules they wanted.

To Sahil, this seemed like magic. However, the psychology of the improved employee experience is one we see consistently over and over again here at Zira. If you give employees a voice in their work day, they will be grateful. With Zira you go a step further, and you deliver on their request, making Swan Factory and other Zira partners leading employers in their industries!