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Leave the scheduling to us.

Your employees tell us their dream schedule, and Zira delivers. All while lowering your labor costs low.

  • Real-time syncing of employee preference and availability.
  • Better schedule incentives improve performance
  • Time offs, Min and Max daily, weekly hours for employees.
  • Show rate and on time incentives and reminders.
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Improve team morale, while reducing costs

Make sure the employees’ voices are heard. Zira gives employees a channel to voice their time preferences, their earnings goals. And our AI makes sure this voice is heard. Our businesses see significantly higher retention, and work satisfaction.

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Last min no-shows? We’ve got that covered.

If you can think it, Zira can do it. Create notifications when you need to be in the know. Find replacements, or update shifts when something changes in real-time. Automate all the redundant tasks in your day so you can focus on growing your team, and your business.

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Biometric time and attendance

Safe, secure and accurate time tracking for your employees. Instant Face ID Verification makes clocking in a breeze. No more forgotten pins or buddy clock ins.
Our flexible platform allows employees to use the Zira Employee app to verify themselves and clock in as well. Easily set up time restrictions and geo-fences to verify that all time stamps are accurate.


We integrate with the tools you use

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“Zira has given our restaurant managers superpowers”

Bua V. | Owner, Chicken as Cluck

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Automate proven restaurant strategies

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