Give your managers superpowers

One great manager can make your business fly smoothly toward its goals. With Zira unlock the potential and give every manager the tools to succeed.

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-time employee tracking

Zira helps you plan, and execute. With the Zira Portal you can see your plan come to life and visual reminders and notifications make sure everything happens as you planned it!

Automatic Scheduling

When We Say Stop Scheduling. We mean it.

You hate scheduling. We can do it better. So stop doing it.

Zira can create the best possible schedule in seconds. You can even add automations to save even more time scheduling once everything is set up just the way you want it.

Automation Platfrom

Reduce Labor Costs and Admin Time with Automations.

Activate automations from our library or create your own. You can now analyze what is working and what isn’t all from Zira’s trends dashboard.

Admin Mode

Sky Level View

Now you are flying. In Zira you can create as many locations or sub-orgs as you need. You can even zoom out to see all your teams in one view.

Communication Platform

Streamlined Communication Makes Everything Better

Keep all your communications in one place and easily reach your whole store, any group or individual when you need them.