When your employees win,
you win

Zira was built to unlock your team’s potential. With the clearest schedules and the most transparent incentives, our mobile app redefines what work looks like.

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Employee Time Preferences

Employees get the shifts they want

A smarter scheduler unlocks many new possibilities. Zira understands employee availability, time off requests, and infinite custom scheduling constraints, but it also gives your employees a voice. Your employees tell us their dream schedules, and Zira delivers.

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Transparent Incentives

Engage and Incentivize, Don’t Penalize.

Clear incentives align your team’s focus, making your organization a metrics crushing machine while taking the admin and tracking work off of your managers.

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Geofenced Verification

Employees on the
go? We’ve got it

With clear schedules and smart geofencing, your team can log their hours and you get an accurate and secure record.

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Communication Platform

Zira Makes Communication Easy

Our full chat platform is safe, secure, fast, and powerful. Send images, links, emojis, videos, and know when your team members viewed your messag. Dive into threaded conversations or watch as your team reacts to the latest team news.

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