Zira Portal

Finally a time and attendance solution that works on any device. The Zira Portal can even help manage your locations. Sometimes our partners tell us it feels like magic.

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Real-Time Coordination

Introducing Timeline View

Missed breaks or hard to read spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Zira Portal shows you everything you need to know in real-time. It even alerts your team when their breaks need to be taken.

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Biometric Verification

Facial Recognition

Forget PINs! We know you already did once or twice. Using Zira’s Face Verification, clocking in and out is now a delightful experience for you and your team.

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Manager Mode

Like an extra manager on the floor.

The Zira portal integrates seamlessly with your Zira schedule keeping your employees up-to-the-second when executing the plan that you have laid out for them.

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