Creating your Zira Account

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1. Download the Zira app

Visit the Android Play Store or Apple App Store to download the Zira mobile app

2. Create your Zira Account

Tap on the Create Account button on the home screen that shows up when you launch the Zira Workforce app.

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3. Enter your phone number

If Zira is unable to recognize the number, ask your manager to make sure they have added you to the team and have the correct phone number for you.

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4. Verify with SMS

Zira will send a 4 digit verification code to the phone number you just entered.

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5. Confirm your Password

Create a safe and secure password. Zira recommends at least 8 characters.

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6. Enter Personal Details

Enter basic information for your manager to identify you – your name, address and picture.

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You’re all set!

Welcome to Zira. We’re so happy you’re here. For more guidance on how to use the Zira app, click on the tiles below.

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